Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Season

To those that say pre-season is pointless your wrong. Pre-season Football is the time to scout your teams depth, rookies, and team chemistry. In other words its for the gamblers. Let me make this clear, I DO NOT MAKE BETS. If money is on the line; why would I want to be the visitor in someone else's house every time?

However I do know football; i've done my scouting and generated my own stats. For the gamblers out there my picks below are for the season. There will be many good gambles to chose from so pick'em wisely.

Season Win Totals

Buffalo is at 5 wins_ Take the under. -Unless CJ Spiller goes for 2000 yards ala Chris Johnson the Bills will be the worst team in the league.

Chicago-Tennessee-& Washington are at 8 wins_ Take the over.

The Bears will likely start of the year off slow while Cutler and Company get adjusted to Mike Martz'offense. This team will start jelling towards the middle of the season and if the Defense can stay healthy watch out.

Under Jeff Fisher The Titans always play physical on both sides of the ball. With Vince Young and C. Johnson the Titans will be one of the few teams able to beat teams like the Colts and Jets. They will likely start the season 4-0, 3-1 at the worst.

I don't like The Redskins schedule but they have the talent to win at least 8 games.

Oakland at 6 wins is a no brainer pick. Take the Over. Tom Cable should be in the talk for coach of the year by seasons end.

For those with Discretionary income.

Just about every year a team surprises. The following teams will provide big payouts if they can pull a Steeler, NYG or N.O. Saints season.

Many TV talking heads are picking Houston to have the MagicaL season. Wrong. Matt Schaub will not beat Peyton and i do not like their redzone offense.

Cincinnati opened at 18/1 but are currently at 13/1 to win the AFC. Discretionary's take that. At 50/1 to win the AFC Oakland is a good gamble too.

After the top 4 in the AFC Indy (13/4), NYJ (6/1), NE (9/2), and SD (9/2) i can only see Baltimore (7/1) or Cincinnati (13/1) with a legitimate chance at winning the AFC.

The NFC however is more wide open. I am not a believer in the Boys' QB Romo or coach Wade Phillips. (4/1)

I like San Fran at 20/1, ATL at 10/1, Philly and Washington at 14/1, and Chicago at 15/1 to represent as NFC Champs.


Super Bowl Picks.

The football Gods Vince Lombardi (Zeus) and George Halas (Hades) spoke to me the other night. The Holy spirits are sure that the 2011 Super Bowl will pit the 2 best QB's of my lifetime against each other. Peyton's Indianapolis Colts (13/2) vs Favre's Vikings (10-1).

Those looking for the long shot here are a few teams that will exceed expectations_ Oakland 100/1 _ 49ers 40/1 _ Tennessee and Cincinnati both at 25/1 _ Washington 28/1 _ Atlanta 22/1 _ & 12/1 Baltimore


the can't miss bets of the year comes from the college game. Take Jacory Harris at 120/1 to win the Heisman Trophy.


Morpheus Out


Thursday, March 18, 2010

LEaves of graSS

Ed Norton, TIM BLake Nelson, Ed Norton, SUSAN SARANDON, Richard Dreyfuss, Keri Russell, Star In 'Leaves of Grass'

Release date April 2nd 2010

The First Ever Herbal_Minded Approved Movie-_ 4 & 3/4 Stamps

_HM_ _HM_ _HM_ _HM_ _HM

Get Interactive and JUST CLICK TOO

'Leaves of Grass' is filled with Humor, Intelligent Dialogue, great acting that depicts a dysfunctional but loving small town country family. A movie about life choices, consequences, and brotherly love. Oh, and a hydroponic setup that will make any grower envied out.

Director Tim Blake Nelson's April 2010 release is on or around the Tarintino Level. Plot Guise and a Clever script HigHlight this authentic film. Nelson has been involved in many productions, most as a small role actor, this being his 6th as a director. The only fault that screams out to you is the casting of Himself as Bradys', the hydro sharing twins best friend,Bolger.
Tim Blake Neslon plays a poor excuse for a redneck. 'The You can do it guy' from Waterboy provided more laughs as a character. Any ill will towards Bolger fades towards the end of the movie.. Certain Qualities; Honesty, Loyalty, and Courage, are Characteristics that all seem to respect.

Never hearing of or seeing any of his previous written or directed films (Haskett's Chance (2006) TV, The Grey Zone in 2001) its easy to state that this is his best directorial work to date. Not sure if Nelson and Mel Gibson are friends but Mel would be proud__ Blame the Jew.

To put all bias on the the Table; Behind Chris Walken Ed Norton is Migh favorite actor. Ed Norton's performance in 'Leaves of Grass' is on or beyond the level of American History X, Fight Club, The Score, and Spike lee's JoinT 25th HR. Norton Plays twin brothers from The out-skirts of Tulsa OK. Bill is a semi-famous Philosophy lecturer and Brady is a home grown American hErb farmer. Some will need dictionaries on our I-Phone to fully comprehend the entire movie. Websters for professor Bill and for Brady the country slanging wise grow god_ the redneck dictionary.

Brady the dumbest sounding genius since Dustin Hoffman's card shark roll as Raymond Babbitt in 'Rain Man'

Bill the most cerebral character I've watched since Kevin Spacey in 'The Life Of David Gale

A few seconds past the 36 minute mark Norton playing one of the twins, not sure which one, channels his inner Brian, the janitor he played in "The Score" perfectly.

_Some Classic back and forth_ From 'Leaves of Grass'
After a southern slang rant by Brady, his mom Daisey played by SUSAN SARANDON, the mom I'd still Fu¢k says, "Whats your version of Proper Grammar?" After a quick pause Brady blurts out "Rhythm; maybe". _MOST RAPPERS WOULD AGREE_ Sarandon plays a strange yet completely believable old time Hippie.

The sexy Keri Russell; from the Felicity show is the Love Interest in this movie. Her country accent was weak at times_but its hard not to fall for her smile, sass, eyes, and intellect that she portrays as Janet the High School teacher and tease.

This is not a pothead movie. The Humor is smart and the script complex. Jaw dropping budz create jealous ambitions on MigH Behalf_
The grow house__thats what it is_ Brady the Sooner Twin, built a Hydro Factory that i would consider paradise_if only there were naked women bagging up the hErb a-la 'New Jack City'

This Movie is ridiculously slick, undeniably unique, with wit and weed. I can count at least 5 scenes that had me saying this can't be real. I kept waiting for sike to pop up on the screen.. Never did, or did it?

For the Growers and hErbal Minds__ google,'Leaves of Grass', and this redneck dictionary mixed with previous growing experience greater growing techniques can be taught.
Sodium Vapor light Fixtures

Not a fan of the soundtrack.

'Leaves of grasS' _HM_ _HM_ _HM_ _HM_ _HM gets Four and 3/4 hErbal Minded Stamps.